Adenau is a town in the Hocheifel. this belong to the district  Landkreis Ahrweiler in Rheinland-Pfalz and is administrative center of the Verbandsgemeinde Adenau,  Adenau is a nationally recongnized  Fremdenverkehrsort and under state planning as a Mittelzentrum by obligation.[2]

Adenau has nickname  „Johanniter city“, because here since Mittelalter one of the elders Johanniter-Kommenden exist.


Adenau is located in the valley of  Adenauer Bachs, a right tribuary of  Ahr, in  Adenau with Exbach, Mittelbach, Näßbach and Krekelbach its part receives some tributaries laterally. the valley of the waters rise around northwest of Hüstert (406,4 m), north of Kirchberg (446,8 m), Breite Heide (496,3 m) and wouth of Kallenhard (471 m). The municipal territory includes the state forest Adenau and  Landschaftsschutzgebiet „Rhein-Ahr-Eifel“ and also reaches to the outer northeast of Hohen Acht  with 746,9 m height at its highest point on the  Bodenpunkt. The district Breidscheid lies within the Nordschleife fo the Nürburgrings, which runs in the immediate vicinity of the the district Adenauer Forst and Exmühle