Waterfall Dreimühlen

Something worth to see around this area is the waterfall Three Mills, because of its uniqueness - it is the northernmost Kalksintervorkommen in Europe - declared a natural monument.


Since the last ice age about 10,000 years ago, commuted three emerging caves spring water back and forth and have had formed a 300 m long and 100 m wide limestone Bank . During the construction of the railway line to Jünkerath , which opened in 1912 , the source streams are merged, whereby the " growing " waterfall Dreimühlen originated and moss beds formed by depositing travertine. Through this constant process, Waterfall is growing 8-10 cm every year into the valley.

To go from the Adenau center to the waterfall Nohn

Parking in Church Street , behind the village square on the left side . From here to the back main street , there follow to the left and after a few meters the bike path Weiser towards Hillesheim . In Ahbachtal then on the trail (3,3 km ) or on the bike path(2.1km)